4 reasons to turn down a free Tesla.

Imagine you’re walking down the street and someone stops you and starts this conversation.

– I will give you a Tesla. You don’t have to pay anything, except for the minimal cost of electricity. Insurance and servicing are also included 
– And what’s the catch?
– I work for some companies that are very interested in knowing the habits of drivers when they take an electric car. The only thing is that we will use the data of where you move, but, very importantly, we will do it in an anonymized and aggregated way.
– And this could be a scam?
– Everything is signed in this contract, reviewed by the most famous law firms. In other words, if anything is illegal, I will go to jail. Besides, look at the list of all the people who have been doing it for years. What’s more, here are their phone numbers in case you want to ask them 
– And can I go wherever I want with the car? 
– More than that, you can use it as a cab and make money with it.
Well, so far the discussion seems so obvious, it makes it so evident that accepting is the only logical thing to do, that naturally the story has to go somewhere else.


It turns out that in real life, in most cases, people accept.

But from time to time, against all odds, and because human beings are first and foremost unpredictable, you hear these 4 responses:

– I refuse to let any company have the data about where I go. I don’t care if it’s anonymized and aggregated, and I don’t care if the intention is to improve traffic.
This means that you care a lot about this, even though every day on the internet everything we do is tracked in an individualized and non-anonymized way. I could say that what’s going on is that you don’t understand what anonymized and aggregated means. But the reality is that it’s an excuse; what happens is that you’re so bitter that if someone makes money giving a service, it makes you angry.

– I already have some people who make electric cars. At the moment they have not even reached a scooter, but of course, how am I now going to tell them that I’ll take a Tesla from someone else… 
This is quite typical of the big or “leading” places…

– Look, we have to do these things with local companies, from the land, you know. They give us a car that probably won’t even start, but of course, they’re from here.
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And the most incredible of all…

– This catches us off guard. Give us 1 or 2 years (which later will be 3 or 4) to set up a strategy for electric cars and create the subcommission of the commission to evaluate many others that, who knows, maybe they will also stop us in the street and give us a Tesla.

I think that by now you already understood the metaphor.

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And if you haven’t understood anything, it doesn’t matter, because it’s summer and you can enjoy life.

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