A walk among people who have it bigger.

Yes, I know I told you about the American Conference of Oncology yesterday.

And if you’re not an oncologist, you might think it’s a pain in the ass.

But look, no.

Oncologists are ahead in almost all research.

And what happens there will happen in yours and mine.

That’s why I insist.

Because see, learn this…

In the giant, overwhelming area where the companies’ fair booths are, there was something striking.

There, between the tombola and the cotton candy, there was something there.

Something so big you could miss it.

It was the booths of the Real World Evidence companies.

As bulky and bulky as those of any pharmaceutical company.

And bigger, yes bigger, than those of the clinical trial CROs.

And that, dear contestants, is a sign.

It’s telling you where things are going.

The machine learning thing to do virtual trials.

And the computer-based evidence generation thing.

I went over to talk to some of them.

I like to talk to competitors.

Because I realize that competitors don’t exist.

There is only one’s ability to see the opportunity that opens up, versus the one that closes down.

This is like the beginning of the Internet.

Or like the arrival to Rio Bravo.

They all had exceptional solutions.

Of all of them, I’m sticking with Sophia Genetics.

Nice, smart people.

I highlight them because it makes a lot of sense to increase predictability, putting together genomic data with medical history data.

Look… and I close.

I have only one competitor.

And that is ignorance.

Ignorance of what Real World Evidencce, generated semi-automatically using massive data and machine learning techniques, can do.

If you’ve already figured it out,¬†then you’re ready to talk here.

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