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“Big Data and AI combined with Savana’s knowledge and methodology creates a marvelous formula for describing the past and present situation in every pathology or clinical and pharmacological intervention, but the real magic materialises when predictive algorithms permit us to interpret and create a better future for patients. This is a real positive transformation of healthcare and the best purpose imaginable”.

“Since I remember, I wanted to become an inventor in order to help others. That is why, when cancer surrounded me and I saw how data was handled, I found the right thing to invent”.

“I’m a strong believer of transforming healthcare through the power of Digital, Data and Artificial Intelligence, to achieve better health outcomes, improve patients’ lifes, and help healthcare professionals in their daily activity. No better place to achieve it than Savana, the leader and pioneer in this area”.

“I found Savana was the best way to integrate innovation and technology with medicine along hospitals across the world. Working in Savana I hope to contribute to the development of AI in the medical field”.

“In 2014, I thought that the only actual solution to the healthcare systems crisis would be technological innovation; specifically, Artificial Intelligence. And here we are”.

“As a physician and researcher, my passion for improving the quality of life for patients drives my work to Savana, with a focus on enhancing disease prevention, promoting early diagnosis, and personalizing treatments throughout Artificial Intelligence”.

“Processing data using Artificial Intelligence to add value in the healthcare sector is such a rewarding mission. A rollercoaster full of motivating challenges to deal with. Here I am helping to shape the path and enjoying the ride“.

“One of the keys to professional development is to have a purpose. If that purpose is aligned with the company you are a part of, you will be on the right path. I found that path in Savana more than three years ago when helping to accelerate health Science through Artificial Intelligence“.

“Making the finance function work in a company focused on improving patient outcomes is nothing short of rewarding, and gives the word ‘mission’ a whole new dimension of meaning”.

“The biomedical sector is, nowadays, the most challenging domain for informaticians, in terms of data volume, heterogeneity and complexity, thus the best possible playground for digital transformation through the use of innovative technologies”.

Powerful formula. 

A perfect blend of tech and clinical expertise within our entire Savana’s team. 


Tech titans. 


Clinical experts.

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Your personal data will be kept by Medsavana until the end of the corresponding selection process and in any case up to a maximum period of 6 months, as long as you are not hired.
After these periods the data will be deleted.
At any time, you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, opposition, as well as the right to data portability and not to be subject to automated individual decisions, by sending a request to the email dpo@savanamed.com , providing a copy of your ID card or official document that identifies you. You may also file a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency if you deem it appropriate.

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It's not for those who want to generate evidence by traditional means, filling registries by hand and using logistic regression. This is for those who want to leverage machine learning in order to generate evidence in a more automated way and with higher granularity of variables.

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