Article about AI and Value Based Contracting.

We don’t know if you know that Russian soldiers were caught flirting with Ukrainian women on Tinder.

That was in February.

And since they were still doing it in September, Ukraine used hackers to impersonate these women and thus located Russian army positions.

This reflection on limitless human stupidity reminds us once again that digital data is and will be around.

And that its use can be beneficial or dangerous, depending.

And that to walk on the Internet mindless is like letting people drive without a license.

Or like crossing the street without looking at the traffic lights.

You can’t do that.

AI is not good or bad, it depends.

What does it depend on?

On how you look at it.

At what?

Well, sometimes you’ll be using it to see things you can’t see with normal human eyes.

Or, to do things that you can do, but it takes too much time and effort, and it is possible to automate.

We have written an article. 

We wrote it together with José Luis Poveda, Head of Pharmacy at La Fe, in Valencia.

We talk about the use of AI to measure the results of drugs in all patients and thus be able to make risk-sharing agreements.

In other words, you only pay for drugs that work.

But watch out, you charge well for those.

No self-respecting modern company at this point is interested in having a drug that doesn’t work.

Some call it providing value.

We call it not paying for the car if the car doesn’t work.

But it used to be very difficult, because you had to pick them up by hand.

Now a machine does it.

We’re going to try to make a first case for a value based contract using AI.

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