But why is it actually better to conduct research with AI?

My father used to print emails, underline them, and file them in blue folders.

He must have been going through a digital transformation.

Because most people transform things into digital to do the same thing they used to do by hand.

But spending more money and having a few bad times.

In other words, they believe that going digital means doing the same thing as before, but wired.

That’s because they think of the word digital: diiiiiigiiiiitaaaaaal.

But they don’t think of the other: transformation. Trannnnssssformation. Transformaaaaaation.

Thinking differently. Acting differently. Living differently.

Stopping wasting hours and hours.

Avoiding repetition. Seeing beyond.

You can´t imagien how many people you introduce to a technology that can read thousands of variables (all variables) of a patient.

And they ask you about survival at 3 months. And if they have high blood pressure.

OK. They haven’t understood.

That having thousands of variables allows you to group phenotypes in new ways.

Cluster clinical responses based on reality.

Predict who will respond to A and B. Be precise.

How is it done?

I’ll explain it to you in 30 minutes.

If you write here.

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