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  • Savana Manager

    Savana Manager

    “Savana is one of the best IT solutions we have seen in years. A real and specific consolidation of Big Data that allows a hospital’s knowledge to be managed in a completely new way.”

    Dr. Cristóbal Belda

    Innovation Director, HM Hospitales

  • Savana Research

    Savana Research

    “Savana is a tangible example of how Big Data improves how we detect and anticipate clinical events in clinical practice, thanks to the reuse of information that was previously untapped. It motivates professionals, as it helps them get quick answers to their care questions, and is a powerful incentive for furthering research and development.”

    Dra. Carmen Pantoja

    Managing Director, Hospital Universitario Infanta Leonor

  • Savana Consult

    Savana Consult

    “Savana integrates AI use into a tool that revolutionizes how we evaluate clinical outcomes. When interacting with Savana, you can see its focus on and design for workflow in real healthcare situations, with its specific challenges and peculiarities.”

    Dr. Julio Mayol

    Medical Director, Hospital Universitario Clínico San Carlos

  • Savana Predict

    Savana Predict

    “The analysis of millions of clinical records through Big Data techniques allows us to infer predictive algorithms, in order to individualize a patient’s risks, enabling decision making where previously there wasn’t enough evidence to do so.”

    Dra. Silvia García

    Pulmonology Specialist, Complejo Universitario Hospital de León



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