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Privacy Policy Summary

  • ControllerMedsavana S.L. (Calle Gran Vía nº30, planta 10, 28013 Madrid). Tax ID Code (C.I.F.): B87060943
  • PurposeManagement and provision of services, sending of commercial information and newsletter, responding to surveys and handling enquiries.
  • LegitimationExecution of services, consent of users, compliance with legal obligations and legitimate interest.
  • RecipientsNo data will be transferred to third parties unless legally required.
  • RightsAccess, rectification, erasure and other rights explained in the Privacy Policy.
  • AdditionalFor more information, please see our Privacy Policy.
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Resumen Política de Privacidad

  • ResponsableMedSavana S.L. ( Calle Gran Vía nº30, planta 10, 28013 Madrid ). C.I.F. B87060943.
  • FinalidadGestión y prestación de los servicios, envío de información comercial y newsletter, responder a las encuestas y atender las consultas.
  • LegitimaciónEjecución de los servicios, consentimiento de los usuarios, y cumplimiento de obligaciones legales e interés legítimo.
  • DestinatariosNo se cederán datos a terceros, salvo obligación legal.
  • DerechosAcceso, rectificación, supresión, asi como otros derechos, explicados en la Política de Privacidad.
  • AdicionalPara más información, podrá consultar nuestra Política de Privacidad.
privacy policy

About us

Savana is an international medical company aiming to accelerate health science by giving health care providers the power to unlock all of the clinical value embedded within existing Electronic Health Records with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. Ensuring maximum privacy and security at all times.

Founded in 2014, Savana develops and applies Artificial Intelligence (AI), such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, providing real-time access to patient population information, reading all clinical documents, including unstructured information, and converting this information into knowledge. Multilingual artificial intelligence behind Savana enables hospitals, health centres and professionals to use their clinical information for management, prevention and research.

Most importantly, SAVANA is a multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, programmers, linguists, engineers, statisticians who offer all their experience, expertise and knowledge to create, develop and implement services and solutions that help accelerate health research for the benefit of patients.






International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence


Savana: Un Entorno Integral de Extracción e Información y Expansión de Terminologías en el Dominio de la Medicina


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