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Clinicians, computer engineers, computational linguists, mathematicians, designers and programmerswho are experts in medical Natural Language Processing

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  • Clinician

    Our Medical Department helps us understand how the mind of a doctor works in order to teach that knowledge to our Artificial Intelligence. They write the medical records, and, therefore, can help us understand them. Apply now
    Join our team to:
    • Organize and clarify medical terminology.
    • Establish protocols and procedures for using the software application.
    • Guide us on the clinical plausibility of the Artificial Intelligence results.
  • Computational Linguist

    All the information available in medical records is in natural language. It is of no use for a machine if it is not previously “translated” by our team of computational linguists, capable of training the algorithms to disambiguate the narrative of the free text. Apply now
    Join our team to:
    • Structure the language of medical records and adapt it to computational processing.
    • Develop the necessary algorithms from training with clinical texts of all kinds.
  • Data Scientist

    We analyze and process all the information extracted from the medical records to be able to establish correlations, guidelines and procedures within our system. Apply now
    Join our team to:
    • Explore and analyze the information obtained from the medical records.
    • Clean the data, to remove “noise” that hinders its processing.
    • Extract predictive knowledge from the examined data.
  • Developer

    We use programming languages that best adapt to Big Data development and facilitate the scalability and usability of our application. Apply now
    Join our team to:
    • Develop the code needed for system operation.
    • Connect all disciplines in a usable environment.
    • Optimize the use, reliability and speed of the tools.
  • Statistician

    We study the entire information flow, as well as its temporality, to accurately use the data and generate correlations and research hypotheses. Apply now
    Join our team to:
    • Generate information from the data obtained in the process.
    • Establish a relationship between medical records and temporal longitudinality.
    • Build the foundations for prediction.
  • Others

    Teach us how to transform healthcare.
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    Work with a multidisciplinary team

    We are a team of professionals from different fields and with a common goal: to combine the knowledge of all members to seek excellence in our purpose. Since we all come from very different disciplines, we can all learn from everyone, creating a unique entity that moves towards the transformation of health through Artificial Intelligence.

    Help us make a positive impact

    We are working to improve health on the planet through technology and to help people and health institutions worldwide. Our employees and collaborators strive to provide our users with the necessary tools and support to achieve more accessible and egalitarian global health. We care about our environment and we want to improve it.

    Express who you are and enjoy what you know

    We respect individuality and embrace the benefits of a richer and more plural “ecosystem”. Be yourself and tell us what you have learned and how we can use it together to help us achieve our purpose. If you like what you do, we’d love to work with you.

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