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Is Savana a company doing business with patient data?

No. Savana works on a license model, as its foundational values include the rejection of any model based on third-party use of data. Savana only helps users manage their own data.

Is the use of information legal and ethical?

Savana’s algorithm ensures anonymization; therefore, no data protection regulation applies.

Additionally, personal clinical records never leave the institution, only aggregate clinical data. Individual data is never used to train the algorithms.

Clinical records

What do you mean by “clinical record”?

Any clinical document: reports, test results, prescriptions, etc.

Does Savana work with handwritten clinical records?

No, just on electronic clinical records.

Are there enough clinical records?

Yes, electronic clinical records are rapidly penetrating the healthcare system, and the majority of developed countries have a growing number of institutions working with them.

Is Savana affected by the electronic health record software in place?

Because Savana reads plain text, it can work in any system.

How can Savana work, considering the often poor quality of clinical records?

In every case, Savana performs a quality analysis of the documents, selecting those that meet the standards for extraction and reports this information to its users.


Why is Savana and not another company the best solution for the reuse of clinical information?

Savana is the first company to introduce deep learning in the field and to be able to train millions of clinical texts in the shortest time. Moreover, Savana was founded by an experienced clinical team that has developed useful features for real clinical environments, where many decisions need to be made fast.

What makes Savana the leader in medical linguistic technology?

Proprietary EHRead technology combines several techniques in order to detect concepts and relationships among them. Supported by linguistic tools, statistics, databases and medical knowledge, the platform is able to process the particularities of human language: typos, multiple ways of expressing negation or speculation, acronyms, subjectivity, subordinated structures, etc., in order to determine which unique concepts correspond to each clinical concept.


Is it difficult to use?

Savana’s tools are designed to deliver the most complete information in an agile, intuitive and smart way, without a user guide.

Where can users go for support if they need assistance?

A support team of IT specialists and practicing physicians is available at all times.

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