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Turning the promise of a smarter health a reality Savana Manager

Overview University Hospital Río Hortega is a public hospital that belongs to the autonomous community of Castilla y León. With 600 beds and ambulatory specialty care giving service to a population of 215.000 citizens. The Health Service of Castilla y León (SACYL) is responsible for the citizens’ health management in this regional area. Project purpose and Implementation Improve management, research output and clinical practice quality with better use of data. Implementing Savana Manager® to accelerate health science and practice.

Success story: Turning the promise of a smarter health a reality

Improving health is the challenge of our era. Artificial Intelligence and specifically Natural Language Processing (NLP) are revolutionizing the world of health research. Savana allows to structure and process free text information from electronic clinical records (ECR), where 80% of the valuable medical information of the patient is found. With this technology, Savana helps create precision medicine and Real World Evidence science. Today, we talk to Dr. Gloria Sánchez Antolín, Vice-present at the Valladolid College of Physicians and Head of Hepatology Department at University Hospital Río Hortega.

Real Health Results

  1. Adherence to Clinical Pathways reducing variability in practice and improving Quality Care Management. Using SAVANA Manager technology to analyse all the necessary clinical information with the purpose of quantifying the professionals’ adherence to the different clinical pathways and to establish recommendations to help improve adherence rates.

    „With Savana Médica we detected Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) were used by more than 30% admitted patients, as well as the lack of prescription need in terms of diagnose in many cases. This high prescription rate, which in long term produces side effects, made us implement an adequacy program for the prescription of this drug.”

  2. Being part of Real World Evidence Research with the most innovative methodology in the market and positioning the hospital as a world reference in research. Having Real World Data from own practice available motivates staff to publish more and share own data in a research context.

    „Savana ́s technology allows clinicians to evolve, from analysing just a sample to know real life information of the whole population. The implementation opened several doors to diverse clinical investigations, some of which were impossible to be designed before, as they entailed a huge amount of human effort to have a global vision.”

    „Its ease of use cuts out the need of support from a liaison helping you with the analysis or designing your search. Doctors have a tool as easy to use as Google® to extract real life information. In three months using Savana Médica I generated two oral communications for two congresses. And today I presented in a meeting data obtained less than 48 hours ago.”

  3. Describing patient populations by connecting sources of information usually disconnected. To locate all patients making sure they are diagnosed, assessed, treated and followed up appropriately.

    „We also detected that around 20% of Hepatitis C patients are not having appointments with the specialists for their treatment, they are lost in the system. We are going to launch an active recruitment program for these patients.“ (Figure 1)

    Oral communication presented at 21st Hospital National Congress. Author: Dra. Gloria Sánchez Antolín
    Figure 1: Oral communication presented at 21st Hospital National Congress. Author: Dra. Gloria Sánchez Antolín.
  4. Evaluate health outcomes. Examining whether or not interventions are associated with change (for better or worse) in the patient’s health status

    „Savana Médica gives with a simple „enter“ a global vision of the hospital indicators, of the entire hospital. Granting knowledge on data evolution and data comparison.”

“Savana is an essential solution for the present and the future, it makes real, transparent and accurate information available to health professionals in order to help them take decisions.”

Dr. Jose Miguel García VelaManaging Director, University Hospital Río Hortega

“I personally believe that in the inmediate future we will all make Savana Médica available in our centers to use it in management, clinical workflows, research. We will conduct research studies, analyse real life results or implement protocols to manage different pathologies.”

Dr. Gloria Sánchez AntolínVice-present Valladolid College of Physicians
Head of Hepatology Department, University Hospital Río Hortega

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