Clinical Data 

Anonymization Solution.

Clinical documents from different EMRs and languages successfully anonymized with DeID Station.​

6 languages

Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Portuguese and German.

Compliance and On-site Data Sharing

Enhancing hospitals’ capacity for secure information sharing, the DeID operates in full compliance with applicable privacy regulations.


Anonymization of data in multiple input formats. Reversibility with pseudonymization, possibility to generalize data to increase privacy and K-anonymity.

Applicability of
different formats

We convert different formats to CSV.


Pseudonymization and anonymization tool.

Only solution, designed and trained by medical doctors, able to anonymize structured and free-text information.

Anonymizing and Pseudonimizing structured and
free-text data.


& Security with

99% anonymization accuracy in free- text/unstructured data, utilizing advanced techniques like surrogation to protect privacy while maintaining data integrity.

It unlocks the ability to securely share EHRs for use in research, management, or training.

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