Ethics Committee encourages investigating without consent.

The day I realized I had ADHD, I started crying.

I cried and cried like a child and it took me a while to stop.

It was the relief of tears.

It was my first day of rotation in the Neuropediatrics clinic.

The pediatrician started asking the parents questions to see if that child had it.

And I realized that I answered positively to all the questions.

It turns out that during College I hadn’t noticed or studied it or anything.

So that day, all of a sudden, I understood why I had lost countless keys, wallets, flights, and girlfriends in my life.

I understood why in my damn life I had been able to listen to an entire lesson.

And why I had to study walking around the room like one of those crazy zoo tigers, making a superhuman effort.

But look.

We ADHD people have some good things.

Besides being funny and creative by force, we are great detectors of a good communicator.

If someone catches my attention, he must be amazing.

Like the other day Federico de Montalvo.

A law professor who left me stunned, gobsmacked, and stupefied with his overpowering Jesuit rhetoric.

His clarity of ideas.

His lucidity.

And a thesis that was very clear and impeccably defended:

To investigate without informed consent whenever the data is pseudonymized (it doesn’t even have to be anonymized) is not ethical; not doing so is an attack against the duty as a society.

I had an intellectual orgasm with Federico.

He told me later that he had heard a lot about me, so I’m going to ask him to do things with him.

Write down his name because there are few like him.

Although maybe you already knew him.

Apparently, he got out a lot with COVID because he is a member of the Ethical Commitee at Unesco.

And me without having a damn idea who he was.

That’s because ADHD people don’t watch TV.

We can’t.

By the way.

To do “big data” studies with millions of pseudonymized clinical records without their consent, but for the purpose of increasing scientific knowledge, it’s here.

Start with proposed AI + RWE use case:

This is the first step of AI + RWE: