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Barcelona (TBC)

This event is created by the Spanish Society of Primary Care Managers. Here Savana will be adressing the topic of AI.

Innovation Talks RocaJunyent

Savana AI and RWE approach supposes a change of paradigm on the studies performed in the healthcare sector. The use of AI and natural language processing techniques (NLP) brings countless advantages and generates real clinical/statistical valuable outcomes. Nevertheless, a lot of challenges to confront from a legal/regulatory perspective and complex horizons to explore.

Cofares Foundation Podcast

The interview is published as a podcast on canal Sanamos, por la salud de todos, where podcasts by Margarita del Val and Julio Mayol have already been published. Here Savana will be addressing the topic of AI.

Disruptive Technology in Business: Future Impact on Legal Support Needs

IE edificio CALEIDO, P.º de la Castellana, 259, 28046 Madrid, Madrid, Madrid

The use of AI for the generation of information related not only to safety, appropriate use, and efficacy, but also to the clinical and economic value of RWE medical treatments can add immense value to all clinical information and health data held by public and/or private entities. AI and the use of natural language processing […]

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IVIRMA Congress

FYCMA -Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, Málaga, Málaga

Following the success of the previous IVI Congresses,our aim is to continue providing top-level reproductive medicine congresses, addressing cutting-edge topics in this continuously evolving field of human reproduction and counting with the globally renowned international speakers. Savana will be talking about how AI may help clinical decision making in ART.

Perspectives in Worsening Heart Failure Meeting

Hilton Barcelona Av. Diagonal, 589, 08014 Barcelona, Barcelona, Cataluña

Artificial Intelligence applied to medical information (electronic health records management). The talk will provide a general overview of the use of AI in this context, followed by specific examples related to medicine and cardiology. The main message of the talk is that the implementation of AI in healthcare is already underway and not a concept […]

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Digestive Medical Oncologists' event.

X Congress TTCC

Savana will be present at the closing of the Tumor Committee Format Course.

IX Congress of the National Association of Research Ethics Committees – ANCEI

NH Gijon Hotel, Gijón Paseo Dr. Fleming, 71, Asturias, Gijón

Under the theme of the Congress, "Biomedical research: reconciling ethics and technology", research ethics committees (RECs) are increasingly evaluating research projects involving artificial intelligence, a topic that will be addressed in a round table discussion. On the other hand, the doubts that arise in the RECs in the evaluation of projects in relation to compliance […]

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XXIX Meeting of the Health Technology Sector- FENIN / ESADE

Auditorio Rafael del Pino C. de Rafael Calvo, 39A, 28010 Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

It will focus on key aspects of healthcare technology and its recruitment. Thus, purchasing processes must recognize and facilitate access to innovation by evolving towards more environmentally, socially and quality responsible, guaranteeing the sector's progress in a more sustainable and committed environment. To these aspects we hope to provide answers and debate at this year's […]

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XXIX Meeting of the Healthcare Technology Sector

Auditorio Rafael del Pino C. de Rafael Calvo, 39A, 28010 Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid

The focus will be on key aspects of healthcare technology and its procurement. Purchase processes should recognize and facilitate access to innovation, evolving towards more responsible contracting models that ensure environmental and social sustainability, as well as quality, while guaranteeing progress in the sector in a more sustainable and committed environment. We hope to address […]

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Start with proposed AI + RWE use case:

This is the first step of AI + RWE: