How to prevent a technology from pushing you out.

Maybe you have ever heard of Stendhal syndrome.

Technically it´s an indisposition due to an exposition to a work of art of extreme beauty.

If this ever happens to me, it won’t be because of a Picasso.

It will be because of a Tesla.

This week they have shown that it already reaches 348 km/h.

And that’s important because when cars drive themselves, very soon, speed limits will be something different.

And yes, those who build speed radars will go bankrupt.

Because that information will already be in the cars.
Doesn’t it seem reasonable?

But let me point out, my internet friend, that the speed camera vendors won’t see the end coming until it’s upon them.

Some will see it, but most of them will be like that cab driver who last year in Barcelona looked at the address on a paper street map.

He nervously turned the pages at every traffic light.

In the same way that the thousands of research groups and institutions that live off traditional clinical research will not see their end coming.

Look, for example:

The ones that make their living from having human beings, not monkeys, but human beings filling out CRFs.

Those that make a living from telephoning doctors or sending them emails so that they can invent their prescription habits

Those who charge millions of dollars for setting up phase II clinical trials, when it could be solved with Real World Data.

Those who bet huge amounts on molecules that will fail, when a mathematical model could anticipate this result.

Those who make trial protocols by asking experts, without looking at the evidence that is generated every day in care centers.

All this is bad for patients and good for a few.

Very good for those who have already figured it out and are publishing 2x, 3x, using the technology of 2022.

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