If after reading this you don't know how to act, I don't know anymore.

This past week a very nice rheumatologist who works for a pharma company came to see me in the office.

It seemed to me that he must not have been in the industry long from the way he expressed himself. Very clinical.

The thing is that he had taken a taxi to come to the office to tell me that, regarding the project he had sold them some time ago, they were “very happy”.

You can imagine the headlines…

… they had taken our work as an oral communication at the European Conference.

…in addition the results were in agreement with other new studies done the traditional way.

…the prevalence had come out as it should have and that was going to help patients a lot.

They wanted to make a video telling everything.

All that he said. All that came out of his mouth.

And I, who am quite autistic and quite dumb to read psychology and emotions, was left wondering:

How can it possibly be that someone comes to my office specifically to tell me how happy he is with the project he commissioned from me?

This never happens, at least not according to the normal rules of life.

Or maybe

Or maybeeeeee

What happens is that AI opens up possibilities big enough to trigger reactions like this.

Which with normal methods would be impossible to see.

But they are real.

And why do I tell you this story that could be a lie, although it is true?

Because you might be able to replicate it.

Because maybe you also need to see the prevalence of B among patients with A.

To change a therapeutic attitude. Or who knows for what.

But not by filling in terrible datasheets for years.

But by using AI to automatically re-read all the medical records.

This is why I am telling you about it.

And if you want, we talk about it here.

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