If you are angry about this, you deserve my respect.

A quote has been stuck in my head for several months.

“We are only as big as the size of the things that make us angry”.

Listen, don’t get lost. This is interesting.


You may be angry about things like:

– The driver in front of you takes 5 seconds to get out at a green light.
– What a regional politician says in the news
– The fact that they didn’t write your name right in the program

Or you may be angry about things like:

– The fact that we are literally on the brink of an ecological cataclysm and that thousands of species are becoming extinct in the face of rising temperature.
– That the Russian War has meant the end of peace in the West after 3 decades.
– That no government ever does anything against prostitution in so many western states

Well, it’s really up to you

It’s up to each of us.

I’m pretty miserable when I get angry because someone doesn’t let me out on the plane.

But I am also angry that the patients of 2022 will not benefit from knowledge that we have had the technology to generate for 5 years.

I get angry at dinosaurs clinging to the registry of their cooperative group or scientific society, when there are ways to get data:

– of the entire universe of patients
– always updated
– with granularity of thousands of variables
– without human effort to collect it

It also angers me to enter my patients’ data in the medical record every day and get nothing.

And it angers me that the Health Service manages itself based on politics and not on information. Or on information obtained with methods from the year 2003.

If this also makes you angry, at least you won’t sit there helplessly. There is something we can do, here.

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