Never let them say to you the things that they say to me.

Look, I’m having a hard time appreciating the Metaverse, to be honest.

I’m sure it will come and impose itself and give a thousand utilities.

And surely what happens is that without realizing it, I get older and I get left behind.

But it has not started very well.

The other day I saw a pharma company exhibiting on Linkedin how they had their first meeting there.

And it was basically them, the people in the meeting, represented by cartoons. 


I wondered if they were aware of the stupidity they were doing and they didn’t care because “you have to be part of it” or if there really are people who are not able to distinguish a technology that helps from one that does not.

It happens to me when they invite me to give a talk and they want me to talk about, you know, “a little bit of everything”.

A little bit about social networks, a little bit about telemedicine, a little bit about artificial intelligence.


We need to let everyone know that these are things that are not at the same level.

That teletext is one thing and email is another.

That useless Google glasses are one thing, and sunglasses are another.

That a yogurt maker is one thing and a microwave is another.

That technology is not good just for the sake of it or always.

It has to prove it.

And it has to be solid.

That’s why when you go to tell your boss, your manager or your digital director, you have to explain it well.

Explaining that machine learning is mathematics supported by computation, which helps us to make predictions about diseases.

And how it is at the same level of seriousness as classical statistics or MRI.

That this is not for monkeying around and throwing a jug of milk over your head on a social network.

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