A new generation of disease registries, with data collection automation, enriched information and advanced analysis capabilities.

A modular platform for clinical data from patients' cohorts.

Automatically generated and validated through Natural Language Processing.

Composed by a scientific and technological layer which can be acquired independently. Inside those, there is further flexibility in relation to more data layers and variables.

Interoperability and Portability meaning data ready to generate scientific evidence.

Configurable visualizations adapted to client needs, with the possibility, for example, of creating patient or research portals.

AI analysis to detect patterns, correlations…

Everything in a secure and anonymized (if needed) environment.

Architecture of the Next-Gen Registry: Data entry.

The Next-Gen Registry provides a universal source of truth for data reporting and analytics.

Next-Gen Registries are designed to consolidate data from multiple sources in one single platform and to provide versatility to store multi-structured data and different schemas.

Finally, NGR Next Generation Registry by Savana is designed to easily add new sources of data in the future and is capable to adapt to each disease characteristics and data. 

Flexible and adaptable to each deployment and disease needs.

Engaging any potential stakeholder.

User Interface Framework

Authenticated requests

Back End: Data Lake

Improving and prioritizing patients lives and healthcare professionals activity in a much faster and effective manner vs registries today.

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