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Savana Consult

Clinical guidelines implemented in workflowswith customizable evidence rules

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  • Complements clinical workflows by implementing medical protocols
  • Can be set by the institution considering real points for improvement, avoiding alert fatigue
  • Smart recommendations while writing, without disrupting the clinicians


Real-time utilization of scientific evidence reduces variability and increases the range of positive decisions for patients and healthcare systems

  • Clinical practice reminders

    Clinical practice

  • Through clinical workflow

    Through clinical

Discover the knowledge that can only be extracted fromunstructured information

How Savana Consult is helping

Real examples of clinical questions treated:

  • Do not prescribe benzodiazepine for insomnia patients over 75
  • Avoid performing regular hormone determinations in patients with amenorrhea
Savana’s machine learning technology allows the detection of all forms of referral, for example, to an ‘adverse reaction to a treatment’, even when it is the first time the system sees it, in real-time and while the doctor is filling out the EHR system form. The latest available evidence can be implemented and provided to clinicians

  • Detects acronyms


  • Disambiguate doubt and negation

    Disambiguates doubt
    and negation

  • Understands synonyms and semantic hierarchies

    Understands synonyms
    and semantic hierarchies

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privacy policy

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