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Savana Predict

Individualized risk prediction based on our Entropia technology

Make the most of the training with millions of clinical cases to construct predictive personalized models for each clinical question

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  • Prediction of evolution of a primary condition into a secondary one
  • Patient clustering for risk models
  • Actionable from any device in real time, in under 60 seconds


Achieve more precision than classical risk scales can provide, thanks to Big Data techniques. Personalize each patient’s risk to make a clinical decision. Generate a predictive model in a short time, based on what is gathered from clinical records

  • Risk adjustment

    Risk adjustment

  • Individualized prediction

    Individualized prediction

How Savana Predict is helping

Real examples from Savana users

  • Death or severe event risk in thromboembolism patients after discharge
  • Selection of safest and most effective direct-acting anticoagulant, depending on patient characteristics
Entropia technology allows correlations other than frequency to be inferred. The data model groups patients and their characteristics and can predict clinical events individually.
  • Longitudinal time analysis

    Longitudinal time analysis

  • Causal correlations

    Causal correlations

  • Avoiding ecological biases

    Avoiding ecological biases

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