Recruit patients for trials using AI.

A few days ago, Ignacio H. Medrano had the best interview of his life.

It was conducted by a very young doctor named Mustafa.

Who is British.

You can find it on Ignacio H. Medrano’s LinkedIn profile if you ever want to waste time on the internet instead of doing what you should be doing, like reading a classic, making love, or playing with your children.

Ignacio tried to explain to him that one of the worst things about doctors and technology is that they tend to be quite bipolar.

They are either all in or all out.

Either everything is terrible and going horribly wrong.

Or they love it and want it all, unlimited and forever, with licenses for life, or else they hate you for being an exploitative company.

Ignacio has been in this field for years and still hasn’t learned from engineers, who are capable of improving a little bit each day.


Kaizen, which means “a little better every day” in Japanese.

But the AI tools that are already coming and will be coming in the future will be like this.

Gradually getting better, until one day, without even realizing it, Ignacio won’t stop using them.

This happened with GPS. They just don’t remember.

The other day, at one of Savana’s hospitals, doctors were writing their clinical records differently, thinking ahead so that when they use Savana to reuse them, it will work better.

We feel like we’re already getting there.

Closing the circle.

Doctors changing their way of writing so that AI can interpret it better, and in turn, it benefits them to locate patients.

So if you want to see a demo of our unique tool, Savana Manager v4, which can build you a database with the clinical variables you want, from medical records, all from the comfort of your own home and in convenient monthly payments, it’s here.

PS. From home.

PS 2 Unique in the world.

PS 3 You create the variables you want and find patients.

PS 4 For what? For example, to recruit patients for clinical trials with a very specific leukemia, which you would never find using ICD codes.

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