Meet your evidence generation needs through the application of Artificial Intelligence clinical models.

Create a study population and select specific variables for your research to obtain high-quality scientific productions.

01. Filter the study population.

02. Select the data to be used in the study.

03. Generate the tools to find the variables in the EHRs.

04. Export the generated database.

05. Obtain the aggregated results in the tables that best suit your needs.

Want to use it?

Savana updates will become an integral part of your clinical practice.

  • Flexibility to define the key variables for a disease of interest.
  • Mix and match datasets: structured and unstructured, hospital db and PI personal databases.
  • Request on-demand research analysis. 
  • Monitor the disease epidemiology & improve health outcomes.
  • Increase research capabilities and publications using their own hospital databases.
  • Open the door to participate in industry sponsored RWE research.

How it works:

And just in a few weeks, you will have your results available as a raw database
or as aggregated data to conduct your analysis!

Any questions?

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Scientific evidence generated through AI is going to be severely scrutinized. We show you how to comply with quality and robustness criteria. We don't mean generating evidence. We mean generating robust and high quality evidence. It's not the same.

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