Tag: Natural Language Processing in healthcare

Natural Language Processing in healthcare supports the transformation of clinical data free text into variables and accesible information.

AI is a bit of a superpower, although it's dangerous to say it out loud.

If Superman is so smart, then why does he wear his underpants on the outside?

A silly joke.

But a funny one to me.

And I think the superhero we like the most says a lot about us.

It could also be that you don’t care about superheroes at all.

In fact, I don’t care much about them.

Maybe because I am Spanish.

My partner, who is an actress and succeeded in tv, did it with a show about losers.

She says that this is how it works. That in Spain, movies about losers succeed. While in the United States, it is superhero movies that rock.

Because that’s how low our self-esteem is sometimes in Spain.

One of losers, like Don Quixote.

When I was a kid, I always wanted to dress up as Superman.

But they never bought me the costume.

Who knows how much that affected my self-esteem.

Where would I have gotten to with a cape and my underpants on the outside.


I don’t know where you want to go, but chances are you’re not going to get there.

At least not if you don’t keep your kryptonite in a lead box.

Here is usual kryptonite that prevents you from getting into AI projects:

– Sure I need informed consent and privacy laws won’t let me. Bullshit

– The clinical question I have is so obvious that I’m sure someone is already making some similar model

Almost never

– It’s such a complicated issue that it’s not worth it to me to learn it.

Driving or being a mother is tougher.

– It’s a bubble; traditional statistics is what works and what is proven.

I wish you good luck in life


We Spanish people as we are in Savana, we were able to invent something before the Americans or the British.

The generation of RWE at multisite level using Natural Language Processing on Medical Records, is a Spanish invention.

Like the broom, the submarine or epidural anaesthesia.

It could be a lie.

But it isn´t.

We can’t make you see through walls (but we can help you to see around the corners)

 We can make you see things in the data that you cannot see with normal statistics.

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