The most profitable week of the year... At Disneyland.

This week I’ve been to Disneyland.

Yet not the regular Disneyland.

But one for seniors.

One for oncologists.

The American Oncology Congress.

The Disneyland of research.

Meetings, miles of walking, meetings, miles of walking, hamburger.
Meetings, miles walking, meetings, pizza, meetings.

And estimulating. It has been very stimulating.

Because in those meetings we talked about AI.

We were already talking normally.

As if AI had always been around.

Not like something that’s “the future,” no.

We were talking about using AI to characterize patient populations.

Or to reanalyze clinical trial databases and predict genetic mutations.

Or to cluster drug response.

Or to predict which patients will have an adverse effect after an infusion.

Or to rank which variables have the greatest influence on the response to an immunotherapy.

Or to rescue populations after negative clinical trials.

Or to seek fast track approvals using a synthetic control arm.

There are good minds.

They don’t wait to see what their boss says. Or the FDA. Or the opinion leader.

They’re already on it.

Because they know that the advantage they take today, a year from now, will turn into success or failure.

Today it looks like innovation. In a while it will distinguish whether you’re good or bad.

Lucky those who see it.

Some of them were there, at the Oncology Congress.

We have already started with the concept sheets. With the protocols.

To recruit centers. From the UK, from Brazil. From Switzerland.

If you want to do oncological or non-oncological research using AI, here.

If you don’t want to, that’s fine too, of course.

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