The news about RWE that got 40,000 views yet 3 trolls didn't like it.

I´ll give you the news right away.

But first I must unveil to you one of my least democratic and most politically incorrect techniques: deleting comments on Linkedin that get in the way of my plan to dominate the world with AI.

And now I can tell you the news and why I delete comments from sad trolls.

A few weeks ago I posted on Linkedin, about how the spanish Data Protection Agency has accepted a proposal from the “Pharma Industry Association”, by which “virtual” clinical trials can be done without consent.

In other words, patients’ information can be reused without consent.

But beware, provided that and only if:

– It is for a research purpose
– The data is anonymized
– It is non-interventional.

The post went very well, although it was a link to a post of another person, without much rigor in the explanation and even with some inaccuracy.

But the thing excelled in interest. About 40,000 views, which is a lot.
And many positive comments.

Because people care and are interested in this.

As I said, it’s great news.

Although, of course, there were a few trolls who said things like:

“No consent, how awful”
“And who will be responsible when the world explodes and blows up”
Or things like that.

And of course, I deleted them.

First, because on my Linkedin wall, or whatever it’s called, I can do whatever I want.

But above all, because those comments could make someone passing by who, unlike you and me, doesn’t know the subject, think that “without consent” always means something bad.

As if doing research, as long as anonymity is respected, is not a good thing.

As if, in fact, the unethical thing to do is NOT to do research.

I tell you this in case someone comes out of the woodwork with this.

So that you can count on me if I can help you to defend reason against…well the unreasonable.

Have a nice day.

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