The number 1 responsbile for failures with AI is not who you think.

A hair salon can hold a powerful lesson about AI research projects.

Look, the other day I went to Carlos to get a haircut.

I go to him even though he is exactly 7 times more expensive than the one in my miserable neighborhood.

It’s unbecoming of me to make such a splurge, being a stingy by the book as I am.

And I don’t do it because he is much better technically.

I do it because we understand each other well.

He keeps quiet and listens.

And I tell him precisely.

It’s a team effort.

Because, and here comes the lesson, I don’t tell him the what. I tell him what for.

I don’t tell him, “I want it to be weathered” or “heal my ends”. I wouldn’t tell him even if I knew what that meant.

I tell him “I have a wedding” or “I’m going to the beach”.

And he acts accordingly. Professional.

Get me one thing….

I’ve seen every possible way to fail with AI projects.

I have been so wrong that it has been inevitable to learn how to refine the method and now I know what to do to make the whole chain work.

From the research question to the last paper in the last committee.

And I can tell you that number 1, not number 2 or 3, number 1 of the reasons for projects that go wrong is to NOT say what the hell you want it for.

It is not the same if your intention is to publish, than to show the Manager how well your Dialysis Unit works.

Don’t do that, because then it’s going to go wrong.
But if you tell me what you are looking for or what your boss wants, our probability of success multiplies exponentially.

You talk, I’m listening.

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