The obvious reason why you shouldn't say "big data" anymore.

Hey, maybe we could stop using the expression “big data”.
In the worlds that are more advanced than ours in technology, almost nobody says it anymore.
And I guess the reason is that it is redundant. In other words, it is already understood that in 2022 almost all “data” is “big”.
In any case, we could talk about “small data” when the opposite happens.
But, well, this is just me being a little bit of a fad.
What interests you is to realize that having brought massive data analysis techniques to healthcare has allowed us to see where we could not see before.
So please pay attention to this. It´s important,

It is possible that you have ever had your hands on a database.

And you thought you had a lot of patients.
But gradually there were fewer and fewer of them as you were left with:
– women
– of age between X and Y
– with breast cancer
– but not just any breast cancer but this breast cancer
– but not just this breast cancer and that’s it
– but it also has to have this marker
– and this staging
– and this mutation

– and this treatment

And yeah…

It turns out that in the end there are very few.
And what was big, a little while after the excitement, is already small.

If you were trying to describe the epidemiology, you still don’t care….

But if you were trying to look at the effect of a drug…

…welcome to the “effect size dilution.”

Our inseparable companion.

Against which, however, we have recently found a solution.

It has to do with not taking a few data here and there, but taking them all.
But all means all.

Of course, this cannot be done by human beings, because it would be unmanageable and unaffordable.

A machine can do it.
In other words, if I want all the music, I don’t go to a store and get all the records, I subscribe to Spotify. You know what I mean.

The machine has to be able to read any format, any file, any system from any hospital. In multiple languages.

Otherwise, no party.

We call our machine to do that Savana Data Gatherer.

But well, the name is the least important thing.

What matters is that it works.

And yes, it is extremely respectful of privacy and data ownership.

You say how big you want it, from 1 hospital to 3 continents.


So if you want to avoid effect size dilution, it’s here.

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