This pack of lies will make me reach more people interested in AI.

I am preparing a new opening for my talks on AI in Medicine.

Openings are important. They are the few seconds or minutes you have to make people think “this one is going to tell something different” instead of “another boring talk like the 5 boring talks I just swallowed”.

I explain the tip for opening talks in the course on public speaking that I give free of charge to friends and top Savana clients, and with which everyone who takes it, according to what they say, comes out speaking better.

This opening tip is called “delocalization” and consists of starting with something unexpected, which you can then relate in some way to what you are going to say.

I’ve used a lot of delocalization over the years, from chessboards to Swiss cows.

The topic I’m anticipating now is going to be a lightning-fast succession about things we think are true, when they’re not. Things like:

– Napoleon was short
– Bulls like red
– Walt Disney is frozen
– The Chinese wall can be seen from space.

The idea is not mine.

I’ve ripped it off from Brad Templeton, my AI professor in Silicon Valley in 2014.
AN exceptional one who made me understand what machine learning was going to mess up in the world.

And who pushed me to set up not one, but two AI companies in healthcare.

Templeton’s classes were great.

Like the wowing one on autonomous cars.

One of those times when you’re listening to an expert who’s in the business of something and not one who’s in the business of something else and has looked at it to give the talk. It’s very different.

People ask me why my talks work.

Well, it’s very easy.
Because, like Brad, I’ve been doing it every day for years.
Full time.
And, by the way, I do it alongside many other clinicians with research cv’s who came to Savana full time.

I don’t know a damn thing about the algorithms behind the algorithms.

And don’t even talk to me about programming.

But I do know a lot about the hard work here and there so that the AI projects come out, don’t stagnate and give practical results… I know a lot about that.

I have some of them in 3 continents…

And if you want me to tell you about it, it’s here.

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