This pneumologist is several years ahead of the curve and is publishing a large number of papers.

When Dr. Izquierdo, Chief of Pneumology in Guadalajara, gives a talk about his experience with AI, I know I’m going to have a good day.

It’s the easy part of my job.


Sitting in the chair and listening to him say:

– I do COPD research.

– And the last study I did in COPD took me years of data collection.

– And by the time I had the data collected it was outdated.

– And then I met Savana

– And now I analyze millions of data in weeks

– And this is all I’ve published

– And this is all I’m going to publish

– Thank you, best regards


This is the easy part, I tell you.


The hard part is having spent years building tools, inventing methods, validating standards.

Battling trolls, getting around politicians, looking for funding.

Recruiting the best people, designing communication plans, travelling.


And above all, getting it wrong.

Because I was number 1 in all of this.

Number one from the bottom.


I didn’t understand anything about what something made for research should look like.

So I was making very complicated AI programs, but they didn’t follow the rules of research.

And nobody wanted me.


Nobody wanted ME, as good a lover as I am….


So I had no choice but to do something very boring, but fundamental.


And everything, but everything, started to change.


It is very strong.


Because now I have a methodology of such a caliber that it would change the results a lot for anyone who knows how to listen.

I mean, who knows how to listen, not to hear. Listen. Listen and understand.

That is one requirement, and there is another one that almost nobody has.


Time, money or social pressure.

We live in such an affluent society that whoever puts into practice the teachings of this methodology will do so with little or no competition.

Because most of those who come to it will listen to it, like it, dream about it at night and will never do anything I propose.

And that’s fine.

That’s fine, for the few like Dr. Izquierdo, who will, here.

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