We will never see a scientific editorial talking about AI.

Artificial Intelligence in Pneumology: Diagnostic and Prognostic Utilities.

This is the name of the editorial published by Dr. José Luis Izquierdo, Chief of Pneumology in Guadalajara.

And he has written it with the collaboration of Clara Oeste, from Savana, and myself.

What it comes to say is:

“Friends pneumologists of the Earth. Be aware that using AI, I’m getting a lot of publishing done. And I am doing it with a fraction of the time and effort. And finding interesting things. And the party’s just getting started”.

And well, the editorial also says that in these studies it was possible to investigate real patients, with their real complexity, not like those in clinical trials.

And since we have published it in a journal with an impact factor of 6.3, which is widely read by pulmonologists, I say that many will read it.

There will be two types of readers.

Well, three.

The first will be those who say:

“I already knew this. I’m on it.”

Nothing to say about these.

The second ones will say.

“Oh, oh, oh. I still need to find out about this stuff. Next time a pharma takes me to an AI talk I won’t snore or spend the time sending memes to my friends.”

Of these I have nothing to say either.

The third ones will say:

“What a load of bullshit. They do the same thing and change the name.”

I do want to say one thing about them.

What happens is that this type of reader is like those people who are so used to being poor that when they have the opportunity to be rich, to have a high profit margin, they feel guilty.

It coincides with people who prefer to be told they are doing well rather than doing well.

What is striking, what is curious, is that they do not realize that they themselves are the ones who would have said a few years ago that it would be impossible to see an editorial in a good journal talking about AI.

Why would they have said so?

Out of ignorance? Out of fear? Out of ego?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that they don’t know that if Dr. Izquierdo had been fixated on missing data, uncooperative IT staff, and the committee of the commission that doesn’t approve it… he would not have pioneered AI in his specialty in the world.


If you also want to be a pioneer in your specialty with AI applications, that is if you understand that things are not by themselves, but are made by usthen we can see it here.

Start with proposed AI + RWE use case:

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