Why AI is going to kill Google.

Ignacio H. Medrano, founder and Chief Medical Officer:


Google is going to die.
I think.
Most likely, you also thought about it.
I have been thinking about it for years.
How many more years will Google last?
I didn’t have an answer.
But I got it within 2.5 minutes of using ChatGPT.
So I bought Microsoft stocks.
They have appreciated by 60% to this day.
I bought a small amount, so it doesn’t change much for me.
But I don’t do these things to make money, but rather to make my accurate (and inaccurate) predictions tangible.
That’s why I bought Bitcoin in 2014.
But wait, I’m getting off track.
I was saying that Google is going to die, and not because OpenAI’s GPT-3 model is more powerful than Google’s BERT.
But because whoever imposes their AI, this new way of searching for information will end Google’s model based on clicks.
That’s why its end is approaching, either at the hands of another or by cannibalizing its own product.
How many smart people will be there?
People who know technological disruption perfectly well.
They have read all the books about Kodak, Motorola, and such.
And still, boom. Six feet under.
And do you know why I think it is?
Because the ability to withstand disruption does not correlate with intelligence. Not with knowledge.
It correlates with humility.
It’s an attitude.
That’s why when AI sweeps away the old way of generating clinical evidence, when normal data collection, normal statistical analyses no longer matter… the biggest won’t survive.
Not the smartest.
Not those with a higher H-index.
The humblest will survive.
Those who accept reality and quickly adapt to it.
In fact, those who have already started doing so.
And if you’re reading these emails, it’s very likely that you are one of them.


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