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What is different about Savana´s medical NLP?

  • Clinical recordsfrom all sources

    Draws from 185+ million records from the full range of healthcare sources:

    • Private and public
    • Primary and specialized care
    • Hospitals and outpatient centers
  • Differentialprivacy

    Its statistical model, which, by design, guarantees confidentiality, satisfies the requirements of:

    • Public hospital ethics committees
    • The Spanish National Health Service
    • US and EU Big pharma
  • Whois using it now?

    It is currently being used in 40+ hospitals and 9 Big Pharma institutions, assisting:

    • Managers, with adherence to guidelines
    • Hospitals, with drug evaluation
    • Researchers, with observational and real-world data studies


Highly valuable information can be extracted from electronic health records… but they are unstructured and written in natural language

Savana makes it possible for different healthcare professionals:

descriptive Big Data

  • Evaluate healthcare outcomes
  • Identify previously unknown correlations
  • Integrate all data sources generated in clinical practice
  • Effectively recruit patients to clinical trials

Predictive Big Data

  • Predict clinical events

Prescriptive Big Data

  • Make real-time decisions based on best practices


Savana’s EHRead Technology has become the first 100% medical linguistic engine capable of reusing free text

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Computational linguistics
  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning, deep learning
  • Proprietary terminologies based on international standards (SNOMED-CT, ICD, LOINC, MEDDRA, etc.)
  • Semiautomatic validation by clinicians
  • Integration with structured information

without integrations

  • Savana works with any clinical document: reports, test results, prescription tools, etc.
  • Its capacity to read plain text makes it compatible with any clinical record software, without the need for integration
  • Reads plain text

    plain text

  • Any clinical document

    Any clinical

  • Compatible with any software

    Compatible with
    any software

Differential privacy

  • Savana has a robust anonymization algorithm that ensures the elimination of personal data
  • In all cases, clinical records are read within the institution. Data processing is never performed at individual level, only aggregate information is extracted
  • Data protection

  • Secure code

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