You'll buy me a sea bream to avoid the "resident syndrome".

Look, there’s this thing that Jorge Tello, the co-founder and CEO of Savana, and I call “the resident syndrome”.

I’m going to tell you about it because I think it can help you.

But I tell it to you with a story.

I recently found myself at a talk I went to give to the Supreme Leader of a well-known healthcare group.

I went to greet him and he said something I wasn’t expecting, especially since he doesn’t seem to be a man who is very easy on the ears.

He said “you were the first”.

He meant that he had been the first, it is understood in my country, to see the coming of AI in Medicine.

Then he did not pay much more attention to me and went on with his business.

This despite the fact that we recently applied together for a multimillion-dollar call for applications and were awarded the maximum score.

But the lesson is not in what he told me. It’s that someone who thinks “I was the first” paid little attention to me. I don’t say no attention, because that would be a lie, but little attention.

And I insist that we have things together.

His hospitals participate in our global research network….

But he wouldn’t talk to me for five minutes.

And maybe you’re thinking that I’m bringing all this up out of ego.

But I have to tell you that ego is best thrown down the drain, as soon as you set up a company.

I bring it up because we are dealing with an eminent case of …. (drum roll)… resident syndrome.


It’s the one that happens when someone has seen you when you were little.

For him you will always be a resident.

Even if you get Nobel Prize.

It is a price you pay with the first people you work with.

That’s fine, as long as you work.

But you have to know it.

When we get into a project, you’re going to want us to take responsibility. Of course you will.

But you’re also going to want to have control over what happens.

We don’t want the fact that AI is something new to make us look to the status quo like newcomers who don’t know what they’re talking about.


The good news is that at Savana we’ve been given so much crap, we’ve suffered so much from the resident syndrome… that you can now do an AI project with us without the risk of anyone perceiving you as the first year resident.


If you want to do a project with just the right amount of responsibility and control, with the authority of a pope, here.

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